Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reality Check – How the Martial Artist Sees What is Really There

When the martial artist is confronted with a possible physical conflict, years of training come into play. The martial artist cannot afford to be fooled, because a mistake could cause injury or even death, either to him/her self or their opponent/partner.

A non-physical conflict has all of the elements of a physical conflict with the exception of the threat of violence. However, a non-physical altercation can become violent if it is allowed to escalate. Here are the things the martial artist does when confronted with a possible violent attack and how these can be used in a verbal confrontation to de-escalate the situation;

· Get calm and centered.
· Maintain proper distance and see the whole picture.
· Respect your partner.
· Put yourself in your partner’s place.
· Make your response appropriate. Be gentle and lead with confidence.

In the next postings we will examine each of these points in turn and at the same time show how they can be used in verbal conflicts. Coming up next: Get Calm and Centered.

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I find these very interesting. Please consider posting more often! Always a fan....