Monday, May 31, 2010

Who is the Bully?

Who is the bully? I’ll tell you who the bully is. I AM! I took over this blog from Richy Rich. I call him that because he ain’t so tough. He says he’s a black belt, but I think he got it from Walmart. A couple of punches from me and he rolled over like a tootsie roll. He just doesn’t have what it takes. Ya wanna know the biggest difference between him and me? I enjoy hurting people.

It wasn’t always like this. When I was little I was the one getting bullied. Sometimes my mom’s boyfriend bullied me or I saw him bully my mom. He scared me and I didn’t feel like I could do anything about it. It was rough growing up as a kid, but I learned. I saw that the weak don’t get anything. You have to take what you want and you have hurt them to get their attention.

When I hit middle school it became easier because I started to grow. Pretty soon I was bigger than all the other kids my age. I knew they were afraid of me. I had seen fear in my mom’s eyes enough to tell that. And they looked up to me. A couple of the other kids started hanging around with me and they were telling me how cool I was. They liked it when I picked on some dweeb. You know what? So did I.

There is nothing like taking some little dirtball by the throat and making him beg you to take his money. When I have them where I want them I feel like nothing can stop me. It really wasn’t about the money. It was the power. The power to make someone do what I wanted them to, knowing they couldn’t do a thing about it. Some people think it’s the fear I crave. It’s not that. It’s the respect. No, the worship that gets me going. It’s all the same thing anyway.

And the stuff I got! I have an iPod, iPhone, fifty bucks I collected from the dweebs and all the good food I want. Life is good. Hey, if it wasn’t me it’d be somebody else. You gotta do unto others first or else somebody will do unto you. Just let anybody try and take it away from me.

That stupid principal thinks I’m an angel. It’s the same with my teachers. I’m too smart for them. I know where they are every minute of every day. I know where all the surveillance cameras are too. That way I can do my business without getting caught. Every time I see them it’s, “Hello, Mister Williams. How ya doin’ Miss Campbell?” When I say it, I think I’m going to choke on the words. They’re such jerks, but I gotta do it cause my grades aren’t the best. It’s not that I’m not smart, cause I am. It’s just all those little dweebs that mess with the bell curve. So, I mess with them. They know not to get better grades than me in my classes.

My buddies and me got some big plans too. The parents of some of my little marks have sheds in their back yards and they only have a padlock between me and what’s inside. I know they got some nice stuff like tools that I can sell real easy. Not only that, but some big timers want me to start selling some of their goods on campus. They’re not exactly legal and some kids could get hurt or sick. But, what do I care? They’re just a means to an end for me. That’s all anybody is. Ya ain’t got nothin’ in this world but yourself.

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